What is Bee Troot Games? Bee Troot Games is the hyper casual games division of Huuuge which develops and publishes amazing mobile games. Our players are craving more Bee Troot Games from us and we are looking to make hyper casual games much more fun and social than ever before. Our mission is to empower billions of people to play together and we invite you to join us on this exciting adventure! Who is Huuuge? Huuuge is a leading global free-to-play mobile games developer and publisher. We’re one of the fastest growing companies in the industry with over 400 employees in 8 offices and 4 countries. We love developing games and we’ve been creating cutting edge mobile entertainment since mobile gaming started in early 2000. Our experience covers producing and bringing to market nearly all essential mobile gaming genres and game types. Besides our know-how to build games, we’re experts in mobile game marketing and distribution. Huuuge is one of the largest mobile advertising buyers in the world with an annual ad spend exceeding $100M USD and growing. Considering ourselves masters of Business Intelligence we drive our hyper growth by the constant increase of our weekly returning players and there is growing number of players playing our games every day. Why us? We know how hard it is to successfully distribute games on which you spend endless hours. That’s why we treat each game as our own and every developer as a part of our family. Knowing how to scale games and do mass market distribution is our secret sauce. If you have a game that is fun, we can help you to make it a good product. We guide you through optimizing and monetizing the actual game experience as well as take care of the marketing and distribution for you. It’s us who take the financial risk in marketing your game and making it a hit. Huuuge has a track-record of growing games powered by massive player base and close cooperation with platform holders (Google Play, App Store). In order to succeed with our partners we are prepared to work closely with you and to establish a long-term relationship. You can always count on our team of high-class specialists that constantly keep an eye on the situation in the market and changing trends. How do we work with developers? Our main target is to establish a long-term cooperation with selected developers and together bring awesome hyper-casual experience to players around the globe! The business model is based on the number of installs and fixed payments. We offer bonuses for reaching specific levels in total installations number. We pay right from the beginning of our cooperation, so from integrating the game with an analytic tool! More details could be shared by our Developer Relations Managers after signing a mutual NDA. How does the publishing process look like? First of all we need to see your game – if we like it and it’s in line with our requirements (see the Design Document below), we check how the market reacts on a game through a short, few days test – here comes also the very first payment that a developer receives. Once we receive success metrics, we can decide if the game should be already released, or improved and tested once again – the second payment is going to the developer’s account. More details after executing mutual NDA. What kind of games are we looking for? To know all the details regarding hyper-casual genre and titles that we are looking for, please check the below Design Document. In short, your game should be:
  • easy to play (one hand, tap/slide controls);
  • easy to understand (no tutorial needed);
  • hard to master (short sessions with growing difficulty, encouraging players to play more);
  • built on the Unity Engine (must have).