The security and protection of data is essential for us. Beetroot Games collects your personal information and this policy defines and outlines the information we collect to process the data.

Keeping in mind that the scope of this privacy policy is limited to the information collected by Beetroot Games through the use of the services of our users. Beetroot Games is not responsible for any action of the individual with no link to Beetroot Games or third party companies.

What Personal Information or Data is collected From Beetroot Games:

Prior to your consent, you may give us your contact number, password, username, address, date of birth and country of origin. We also collect some additional data like your application usage, access, session times and in-app purchases, the type of hardware you use, version of the operating system and your internet protocol.

Note that we do not collect or store any information or data of debit and credit card or any other banking information.

Beetroot Games also collect personal information on third party network or service, by playing a game through any other platform like social network. While playing, you are authorizing Beetroot Games to:

  • Collect, store and use of the personal information based on your setting in the third party platform or network.
  • Share the personal information with social network or any other third party company.

Purpose of the information or data collected by you:

Beetroot Games use the data for the following purposes:

  • Provide services to the users and improve them accordingly
  • Develop new applications
  • Understand and learn your experience with the application
  • Improve the retention upon your reviews
  • Respond to your comments and reviews
  • Communicate with you about the promotions, contests and rewards
  • Link it with other third party companies to better understand your need and to improve the services

Data Collected by Other Parties:

Beetroot Games may contain third party for the advertising purposes. These parties may include the usage of cookies, API’s and SDK in our services. These third party companies my collect and analyze data about you, such as, device information, geo location information, IP address, and session times. Following are the links of the third party companies:





The advertising companymay collect information about your mobile device to be able to serve targeted ads to you. Such data includes the following:

  • Operating system of the mobile device
  • Device properties of mobile application
  • IP Address
  • Identifier for advertisers (IDFA)

How the information is disclosed to Third Parties:

Beetroot Games does not share data to other third party companies without your consent. We may share information to the third party companies for the following purposes:

  • For analytics and research purposes
  • To protect the rights of the third party to defend any fraudulent activity
  • Share anonymous information about you with the advertiser and publisher to third party

Specific Distribution for EU Individuals:

  • Beetroot Games may ask you for certain information to make sure who you are.
  • You may ask Beetroot Games to correct your information if you find one
  • Contact Beetroot Games if the user wants to withdraw the processing of the personal data.
  • Beetroot Games takes measures to protect and secure your information from unauthorized access or any other loss
  • We don’t guarantee any third party hackers from illegally obtaining user’s information
  • Policy regarding Children under the age of 13:
    1. We do not knowingly collect or process personal data of the children under the age of 13. If you are under the age of 13, kindly do not share any information about yourself with us including your name, address, contact number and location. As soon as we learn that we have collected the information of the user under age 13, we will quickly remove that information. Contact us for further queries. Beetroot Games reserves the right to request written proof of the parent’s authorization at any time to avail the services provided by us for the children under the age of 13.
  • We may process your personal data when required by the law and may collect information to protect the interests of the third party.
  • We may access your personal information to prevent any illegal activity and to improve our network and services

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