Gangs Town: Grand Street Fight invites you to the heart of Las Vegas, a city teeming with rival mafia gangs vying for control. Assume the role of a fearless crime cop, driven by a thirst for revenge against the notorious gangsters ruling the streets. In this open-world adventure, engage in epic shootouts, high-stakes crime sprees, and intense battles as you navigate the treacherous terrain of the criminal underworl

💯 Gameplay 💯
– Enter into the world of mafia: shootouts, epic races, and intense gangster battles
– Play role as a crime cop, master the art of grand street fight
– Show your driving and shooting skiil, dominate the great gang city

💯 Key Features 💯
– An action-packed adventure in a 3D open world with stunningly realistic graphics
– An adventure saga of mafia and waging gang wars 😎
– Multiple challenging tasks with cool rewards await
– Keep track of important missions through the map
– Enjoy beautifully updated graphics, character models, and lighting effects.

Gangs Town: Grand Street Fight is not just a game. It’s time to race, battle, and conquer the grand city’s heart. Are you ready to take control?