Welcome to the most simple yet most interesting concept of puzzle: you draw your own path for twins. Draw the puzzle path in a way that both of the twins do not collide with each other. It’s a rush race towards the toilet, make the toilet merge in this merge toilet game. There are countless puzzles to be solved and time is limited so make it happen quick draw puzzle so twins may reach the toilet ASAP! Become the puzzle master in Toilet Games.

1. Draw Puzzle and Merge Toilet for Twins.
2. Find the smartest and Quickest Path and Draw to Pee.
3. Solve the Puzzle Quick so the twins may reach the toilet in Toilet Rush.
4. It is twin game so carefully pick toilet for twins.

This Toilet rush game has some interesting scenarios and altogether it is a fun concept so play it anywhere you want, small yet exciting challenges keeps you going draw puzzle and make the path for twins. Toilet games are loved by everyone but this toilet rush game is on another level of excitement. This merge master game demands sharpness of mind so solve the toilet puzzle in toilet master.

5. Run away from the toilet monster and reach the toilet.
6. Draw Puzzle in minimum and make a path, Draw to Pee.
7. Unlock new characters and toilets in Toilet Games.
8. Solve complex toilet puzzles in Puzzle Games.

There are challenging scenarios, avoid being hit by a car, play smartly and reach the commode without any collision. While making a path make sure that the twins remain safe from Toilet Monster because if these twins get caught the toilet monster will become Merge Monster. This is a simple Merge Master Toilet Rush Game so start the great toilet race and draw puzzle for twins to reach the toilet.